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Friday, May 14, 2010

Wild lightning

I think I was lucky to end up in my chosen destination today. I flew to Philadelphia for a weekend away, and when we landed...

There were big storms in the air, storms that closed part of the airspace. We left Manchester a little late as we waited for a routing around the closures. We landed in Philadelphia close to on time. Then it was time to pull off of the runway and wait.

The pilot made an announcement that the ramps were closed due to the storm, and that until the airport reopened the ramps we would be sitting in the plane. Ah, at least we were on the ground. I wasn't sitting next to a window, but I could still see frequent flashes of light and heavy wind-driven rain. It was a forty-five minute wait. At least we were on the ground and in our target airport.

Finally, we pulled to the gate and deplaned. As I walked down the concourse, I could see a mostly clear sky decorated with high flung clouds (through the windows) to the right, and an absolutely black sky to the left. As we drove, there were still jagged flashes of lightning decorating the sky. Beautiful.