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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To the northeast

I was using Denise's computer today when I saw an email come in from Evin at the Holland Inn. Oh, look! It was a confirmation of a reservation for this Friday! I know that Denise has been watching the weather, trying to find a good time for a visit to Acadia National Park.

The weather wizard is predicting a good swath of days so Denise is keeping her fingers crossed and we're popping up to Acadia for four days of wandering. We have a lot to cram into our four days... the Schoodic Peninsula, wandering Park Loop Road more than once, sunset on Cadillac Mountain and maybe a sunrise too. I'm going to need to push Denise out of bed for sunrise though. Yikes! sunrise right now is at 4:59 with civil twilight beginning at 4:24. Hmmm... I wonder what time we would need to hop in the car in the morning. Let's see, what else? The gardens in Acadia and Northeast Harbor must be showing some bright colors, and there's Bass Harbor light, and...

Only two sleeps before we leave!

--- Rover
Rover on the painted rocks of Acadia National Park

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