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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hey, it's Rover here. It's not too much of a surprise that Denise is still sorting through her photos from our quick visit to Acadia. I've been watching over her shoulder, and while she was out wandering on her bike today I decided to grab a few to share with you. Oh, you're right, sometimes I do join her on the bike. She was just wandering near home today so I decided to play on her computer instead.

The first photo is me near the top of Gorham Mountain, such a nice hike!

The next was taken not too far from there, looking from Gorham Mountain out over the ocean. That green spot of land is Great Head; Sand Beach is cradled between Great Head and Ocean Path, the path we followed along the shore to get to the start of the Gorham Mountain Trail.

The last photo shows the magical light on Cadillac Mountain at the end of the day.

Rover on top of Gorham Mountain

view from Gorham Mountain

late day light on Cadillac Mountain

Yes, of course there will be more photos... soon!