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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Restoration of a sound sculpture

It's been a while since I've been in the Kendall Square T stop. An article in this morning's Boston Globe drew me in as I remembered the sculpture in the station that was designed to add music to the sound of the trains.

Unfortunately, the beautiful sound sculpture needs maintenance. Its creator maintained the piece for 20 years, but it has been silent for a while now. The article in the Globe tells the story of an individual who reached out to many people in an attempt to rescue the now silent sculpture. He won the attention of two individuals at MIT who have assembled a group of students now known as the "Kendall Band Preservation Society". Work is underway to restore this delightful piece of art.

I'm putting a visit to the Kendall Square T station on my list of things to do once the restored sculpture is back home and working again.

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