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Monday, May 24, 2010


Ah, another nonstop day...

A walk on Ocean Path along the rocky shoreline, from Sand Beach to the start of the Gorham Mountain trail, and then...

Up, up, following rock cairns and blue blazes marking the path up Gorham Mountain. Wooded trails near the bottom, changing into granite, rounded, sometimes steps, more often not. Up... Oh yes, there was a down too!

Close to the end of the loop I passed below the Beehive trail. I could see lines of people snaking up the steep rock. Oh - that's definitely not a hike for me. You would probably have guessed that from reading the description of Beehive: "Iron rungs on ledges of exposed cliffs, very steep".

Still walking, I heard sounds in the woods. I stood still and looked, hoping to see the source of the noise. Ah... a pair of deer were were running, leaping.

I walked across Sand Beach and was treated by sea gull smiles. There were a number of gulls swooping, flying high, swooping low, causing shrieks from beach-goers afraid of the quickly diving birds.

I walked across another favorite "beach", one lacking a good walking surface. The beach is made up of rounded rocks, slippery rocks that move underfoot. Low tide exposed rocks covered by green hair. I know, I know, it isn't hair. Perhaps it's an interesting form of seaweed.

My last stop of the day was Eagle Lake. The wind was so strong it was creating waves on this long skinny body of water. Ah, sitting on a large rock at the edge of the lake was a nice change of pace.

waves against rock

from the top of Gorham Mountain

Looking back at Sand Beach from the top of Gorham Mountain

reflections in a bending river, near the bottom of the Gorham Mountain trail, exit point near Sand Beach

green rocks