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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A morning's wander

A few more hours to absorb the wonder...

Sand Beach looked quiet this morning. An almost empty parking lot pulled me in, and I headed down the stairs to the beach to walk alone, to watch waves crashing, to listen to the ocean. Moving from sand to rocks, I headed south along Ocean Path, switching from the smooth graveled path to tilted granite blocks to a beach composed of (difficult to walk on) rounded rocks.

The time flew by, and I moved on. Up, up to South Bubble, the home of the glacial erratic known as Bubble Rock and a beautiful view of Jordan Pond.

It was a good last morning in the park. And yes, I will be back!

waves on Sand Beach

painted rocks along the shore, Acadia National Park

beach of rounded rocks

view from the Bubbles, of Jordan Pond