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Saturday, December 05, 2009

A home for my e-toys

...a traveling home, that is!

I've traveled with a "baby" computer for quite a while now, wrapped in a neoprene case to give it a bit of protection. I recently added a Kindle, also with a neoprene case. I was chatting with a friend about cases for Kindles since he had just ordered a Kindle too. We've both purchased bags from Waterfield Designs in the past, and the conversation sent me back to the Waterfield site, curious.

The small Vertigo bag caught my eye. The dimensions made me think that it could easily swallow both of my small e-toys, and a phone call verified my suspicions. The woman I spoke with took the time to grab a Vertigo along with cases that were the right size for my devices, and she confirmed my thought that the small bag was just the right size to hold my Dell Mini 10, my Kindle, and the power cords for both - with a little bit of extra space too. Ah... time to think.

I placed an order Monday evening for the Vertigo plus a laptop sleeve for the Mini and a slip case for the Kindle. I received an almost immediate email telling me that the color I had chosen would not be available until next week. I emailed back, changing the color to my other first choice (I couldn't decide between blue and celeste in the first place, so it was easy to switch!). My bags shipped on Tuesday and arrived at my door on Thursday, pretty good turnaround for an across-the-country (San Francisco to the Boston area) delivery. Priority mail is an excellent shipping choice, isn't it?

Waterfield Designs Vertigo