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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warmth & sunshine

A mid-week day off, a day with a forecast for sun and (relative) warmth...

It was cloudy at home, but as the temperature edged up towards 40, I jumped into my car and headed for the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve to satisfy my need to walk along the ocean. I was rewarded by sunshine, by paths that bore a light coating of snow, enough to decorate the landscape but not enough to make walking difficult.

As I got closer to the coast I started to hear the crash of ocean waves. It must have been a greeting for me; as soon as I started walking the crashing sound receded. My walk was calming, very enjoyable.

A quick stop at Cape Neddick to see Nubble Light capped my wanderings.

quiet, beach rock unearthed by waves

snow covered beach, winding river

Cape Neddick Nubble Light

A few more photos from today can be found in the gallery White, winter... 2010.