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Monday, December 14, 2009

Jumping to Red Rock Canyon

It was close to noon by the time I pointed the car towards Las Vegas. Driving...

I headed straight to Red Rock Canyon for an afternoon walk. My first stop was the new visitor center, a beautiful building with a full wall of glass overlooking the very red rocks of the Calico Hills.

window at the visitor center, Red Rock Canyon

I knew that my mid-afternoon arrival didn't provide a lot of daylight, so I stopped at the first parking area (Calico I) to begin my walk. Red rocks, fabulous shapes, some solid red, some wearing stripes...

red rock canyon

I headed further around the loop road, stopping at the High Point Overlook (at an elevation of 4771 feet). Looking to the east I could see red rocks. To the north and west were jagged peaks decorated with a brush of snow. While most of the snow was on the high peaks, there were some small patches of snow on the ground at the overlook. I've been looking at white for the past 4 days and seeing salt. Today's remnants of snow surprised me.

The sun quickly dropped below the peaks. It was time to find my home for the night, to dream of one more day of walking among red rocks.

late day in red rock canyon