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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In the sky

Everything was moving much faster than expected at the airport today. Denise thought McCarran was more of a wait-in-line airport than Manchester, but that just wasn’t the case today.

We finished the loop at Red Rock Canyon at a little after 1. Time to head to the airport... It was about a 20 to 25 minute drive to the rental car return. Car returned, Denise swapped part of her hiking dress for travel attire, time to check baggage. Funny, we used to try to just do carry-on, but since Denise started carrying her big camera and two lenses and both a tripod and a monopod she has been checked a bag. Oh! The camera stays with us. It's sort of OK if clothes get misplaced, but the camera is another story entirely. She actually asked someone from the TSA if it would be OK to carry the tripod onto the plane, and he said that they aren't restricted. That surprised both of us. It's too much stuff to carry on though.

The airport was so quiet that Denise said something to one of the people at Southwest. The women said "quiet, don't jinx us!". She said the business goes in spurts; we just happened to walk in during a lull.

We'll miss our normal evening eating time today, so we grabbed some food (veggie pizza, yum!), relaxed a bit, then headed for the gate. I kept an eye on the window, looking at the wisps of clouds that painted the sky. Then, I saw our big airplane pull up, early.

Do you like flying? We can't see much except for clouds, but it lets us wander much further (in a short period of time) than we would be able to if we stayed on the ground. I like the feeling when we take off, climbing at a steep angle, flying. I'm still amazed that these big heavy airplanes can get off of the ground. I mean, even if I run really fast I can't fly myself. And the airplane is bigger and heavier than I am. I keep reading about flying (you do know that I use Denise's big computer when she's not home, don't you?). For now I just accept that flying is possible.

And oh! I'm so happy to be able to travel. We're heading home now, which means it's time to start passing ideas to Denise for our next trip.

--- Rover