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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Sometimes I let myself think about where I would like to live when I retire. I know, I know, that's still a long way off. Perhaps I should be planning - but plans are made to be broken. So I'll just continue to wonder, to dream.

There were many years when I thought I'd like to live in the Pacific Northwest. Then I thought about the rain, the gray. The area still holds interest, but right now it's down the list a bit.

My next thought was somewhere in Colorado, east of the Rockies so I wouldn't be in heavy snow for the entire winter, with the snow reachable when I wanted to play in the cold. That thought has been with me for quite a number of years now.

Two places, both in the west. Instead of becoming more certain, ideas have been percolating.

I've been spending more time near the ocean lately, and I'm not sure I want to give it up. From my current home in eastern Massachusetts, I can ride my bike to the coast. Or I can hop in my car, drive for as short a time as 40 minutes, and find myself in an ocean-wandering spot. I've been doing that more and more often lately.

I'm thinking somewhere in south coastal Maine would be a good spot, maybe in the Portland area. That gives me the ocean, a reasonable jump up to Acadia National Park, relatively easy access to the Maritime Provinces. Maine still means four (classic) seasons, including my not-favorite winter snow and cold.

But then, I keep running off to the southwest, don't I? Much as I dislike the gambling aspect of Las Vegas, I'm starting to think it would be a good place to live. I had an interesting conversation with a cyclist in Red Rock Canyon on Tuesday morning. He had stopped for a quick (warming / cooling) layers change and an energy bar. I started chatting with him, saying that it appeared that the loop road was a wonderful place to ride. He said that it is, told me that he chose to live not far from there in order to have good access to the park. Riding is reasonable year-round, although June, July, and August are brutal from a heat standpoint. Those months call for very early morning exercise.

I think it's the access to some drop-dead gorgeous parks that really pulls me in. Death Valley, Zion, Bryce, the Mojave Desert, more...

Huh. Living in the desert?

Could I survive the summer heat? More than that, could I live and be active in that season?

No ocean access. But the California coast isn't that far away. And there's good air service to Las Vegas.

No plans, just thinking...