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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One last morning, one more chunk of time to absorb and enjoy the beauty of Red Rock Canyon... There's such an amazing contrast between the section of red rocks close to the entry of the loop through the park and the jagged mountains visible to the north and west.

It was interesting to be able to see the park in both late afternoon and morning light. I didn't have a full day to spend there on this trip, but the combination of yesterday afternoon and this morning showed different lighting conditions. The sun did a few disappearing acts this morning, escaping behind a cloud and then jumping out again. The rocks went from vibrant to quiet, back to vibrant again.

The sun warmed the air allowing me to shed my light layers. And those layers jumped right back on as I walked a trail through narrow openings in the rocks, in the shade. Patches of snow still decorated the edges of the path. I chatted with a hiker going in the opposite direction as he constructed a very baby snow person (yes, inches high, not feet!), carefully placing it in a shaded section of the trail. There really wasn't that much snow...

If I lived here, I think I could very easily spend a lot of time in this beautiful place. I will return, soon...

cloud painting, mountains, red rock canyon

red rock canyon

red rock canyon