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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ready to fly!

We're sitting in the Manchester airport. Our plane is having a rest - it's sitting at the gate, and we're sitting on the other side of the gate. It's not quite boarding time yet, soon...

We stopped at Hunt's Photo in Manchester to pick up the rental camera body, the one Denise arranged for after her camera misbehaved on Sunday. Denise was being a bit wacky, worrying that it wouldn't be there. Of course it was, so we're all set for wandering and grabbing images to share.

We have a long flight, a sleep, and a drive before we get to Death Valley National Park. Oh! I'm ready to bounce around the park. Before I do that I think I need to bounce around the airplane - I need to make sure that I'm near a window when (if?) we fly over Nebraska because my friend Gromit promised to wave from the ground.

--- Rover