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Sunday, June 07, 2009

What day is it?

Wow! Denise totally forgot what day it was today. I think that's a sign that she's absorbed by her vacation, a very good thing. I hope she remembers on Tuesday that she needs to drive home after she's finished playing. I'm not going to worry about that, I'm just going to enjoy every minute we have here.

Let's see, today... Evin cooked us another fabulous breakfast. There were lemon pancakes with currants, eggs scrambled with fresh rosemary, and a fruit salad in a light lemon yogurt dressing. Yum! Denise usually has much simpler breakfasts at home but she does like special breakfasts too. What a good start to the day!

We headed to the southwest corner of the island, driving down a little two-lane road to get to the starting spot for the Flying Mountain hike. It was a relatively short hike that took us longer than the distance implied. Why? The trail up and the trail down were rocky with exposed roots, so careful placement of human feet was pretty important. The views from the top were beautiful, the waters of Somes Sound sparkling in the sunshine, backed by green hills.

Bass Harbor Light was our next stop. To view the lighthouse from afar, we took a long wooden staircase down to the rocky coastline. From there we could see the light perched high on the rocks. Funny, but Denise took a photo of the red beam of the light peeking out between the trees, visible from the parking lot. She said that while she could see the building from below, she couldn't see the light, probably because of the angle from which she was viewing it. According to the information posted, the light is actually visible 13 miles out to sea. That's hard to believe, isn't it?

Wandering back to the east side of the island, Denise stopped the car at Sand Beach so we could explore Great Head. That surprised me a bit because there are some parts of the trail where you really need to clamber over some big rocky sections. Remember, Denise doesn't like to go down steep trails. She did really well, even though she did sit down in a couple of places so she could kind of jump her feet down to the next level. It was much too big of a step. I tried to show her how I bounce in places like that, but she didn't think bouncing would work for her. Up and up, and around the bend where we could see what apparently was Schoodic Peninsula. Huh. That's pretty far away, but it is the next chunk of land extending into the ocean. Oh, and when we first climbed up and looked back the way we came, we had a beautiful view of Sand Beach.

We walked the Shore Path in Bar Harbor at the end of the day. Denise was thinking about going back into the park in the early evening, but I convinced her it was time for a "stay at home" evening.

Oh! We saw an osprey diving into the water earlier today.
Another good day...

--- written by a very happy red dog wandering with Denise, yes, Rover (in case you forget that I always use slanty letters...)