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Friday, June 05, 2009

Schoodic fog and...

Morning rolled around, time for breakfast, a drive, and a wander!

We headed to Schoodic Peninsula, driving from Bangor south to Ellsworth, then heading east and south again to the very rocky Schoodic Point. I thought I was going to have to stop Denise from jumping out of the car and into the water at one point. The water was visible from the road, and so was low-lying fog. There was water, and then a band of white just hanging there. Denise said it was too far out to capture with her camera, so we both have eye photos, a beautiful sight committed to memory.

As always, Schoodic Peninsula was beautiful. We walked and walked. From the National Park Service description:

"At the southern end of the peninsula the road to Schoodic Point leads to a windswept coast with dark diabase dikes that intrude between pink granite ledges."
The dikes form lines that always seem to lead to the water. And the rocks are all at different heights. I can usually bounce between the different levels, but you know Denise. She likes to make sure that she can step securely from surface to surface. I wonder if I can teach her to bounce?

The sky was not blue today. It wasn't gray either, just kind of milky looking. As we were leaving Schoodic, driving inland, I could actually see patches of blue sky ahead of us. But somehow we were never under a blue sky today. Maybe tomorrow?

Before we headed to our home for the next few days, I convinced Denise to stop at Acadia National Park Headquarters. I knew there is a bookstore there, and I thought it was well past time to add a good map of the park to our map collection. We don't need a map for riding, but I think we're going to mix riding with a bit of hiking, and trail maps are good to have. Denise was comparing 3 or 4 different maps, and then a very helpful woman came up and started talking about the maps. We ended up with a waterproof trail map from a company named Map Adventures. Oh, and Denise and that woman talked for a really long time. That was a good stop - a map mixed with conversation!

And now... we're at the Holland Inn in Bar Harbor. Evin greeted us and showed us our room in the Quietside Cottage. Denise is happy, so I am too!

--- Rover