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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Singing rocks

A last morning in the park... the last of this trip that is, because I know I will be back again to feed my addiction to Acadia.

I walked along the ocean, sometimes on the path, sometimes on the rocks, absorbing the beauty, feeding memories. Before I headed out of the park, I stopped at a small cove. I hesitate to call it a beach because there is no sand there. Instead it is composed of small rounded, rolling, rocks. The rocks have clearly been moved about by ocean waves, forming a very difficult walking surface.

It's a place that fascinates me. The very round rocks are a surprise, but it's the sound that pulls me in. As the waves approach and recede it sounds as if the rocks are singing. Rocks rolling in moving water, clinking, making music of a kind...

singing rocks at Acadia National Park