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Friday, June 19, 2009

After the rain

Ah, a respite from a gray, wet day...

The sky was very gray for the bulk of the day, and rain fell. The rain was light but constant. As I drove home, it was light, heavy, then light again. The sky was clearing when I headed out for my walk (yes, I did want to bike, but it was oh! so wet!), but it still looked threatening so I grabbed a rain jacket just in case. Maybe it was my jacket that caused the sky to clear. As I walked, the cloud cover thinned and then disappeared. Blue sky!

And yet, the flowers all wore droplets of water.

raindrops on flowers

Maybe this evening is a sign of hope, a sign that the weather wizard will grant us at least one reasonable for playing outside day over the weekend. The forecast calls for rain for the foreseeable future, but maybe...