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Sunday, June 21, 2009

House of bees

I've seen many birdhouses, but a beehouse?

Thuya Garden was one of my stopping places on my recent trip to Acadia, and I was fascinated by the houses with very small holes. Luckily there was an explanation posted on the side of what turned out to be houses for the bees.

"The Blue Orchard Bee,
affectionately called "Bob", is the common name for
Osmia lignaria ssp.

We are providing housing for this
pollinator because it is solitary and
very selective about its nesting.
This "bee condo" provides an ideal

Bob has been mistaken for a house
fly. Unlike houseflies, Bob has a
pair of wings on both sides and a
shiny blue metallic patch on its
back. Bob is not agressive and
can be observed at close range.


Thuya Garden welcomes BOB for
his/her beauty, activity, and helpful
pollination to our plants.

Text courtesy of Thuya Garden