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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rolling clouds

The afternoon's blue skies with puffs of white changed to pure blue, no clouds in sight. Cadillac Mountain called, and I headed up once more to watch the sun sink to the horizon.

As I was driving, I saw some hanging clouds, or maybe it was fog. Ah, it turns out that my fears of an ordinary sunset were not warranted... it was an interesting sunset after all.

When I reached the highest overlook facing west, the wind was howling and clouds were starting to roll in. I added a few layers to keep myself warm, grabbed my camera and tripod and found a myself a good spot to watch the clouds float over a very red setting sun.

By the time I headed down again, the top of Cadillac Mountain was shrouded in clouds. Interesting... I dropped below the clouds as I drove down the mountain to see the full moon gracing the sky. The clouds were clinging to the mountain top but were not cloaking the sky as I looked up from sea level.