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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How much?

I just added some more CompactFlash cards to my stash, food for my camera. After all, I have a two-week trip coming up in August, and I need to make sure that I have enough media to keep my camera (and me!) happy.

Yes, I know, I can copy the data onto my computer. Two problems with that... I don't carry my computer with me when I travel, and I don't wipe the cards until I have them copied to two places, not one. That's an "after I return home" task.

Back to this week's purchase though. I really wonder how manufacturers set prices on items like CompactFlash or SD cards. The price needs to be set high enough that both the manufacturer and the retailer make a profit. I understand that. But how much profit?

Oh, you want to know why I am asking this seemingly silly question? I just picked up some SanDisk Extreme III 4GB cards. The cards were $33.95 each. But - there is a rebate available right now.

Purchase 1 card, get $10 back.
Purchase 2 cards, get $30 back.
Purchase 3 cards, get $60 back.
Yes, you're right, I did buy 3 cards. I paid $101.85 for them. I'll be getting a $60 Visa prepaid card, so my cost will really be $41.85. That's $13.95 per card.

That's a good deal - no complaints from me. I don't believe that the manufacturer and retailers are selling these at a loss, even with the rebate. Makes you wonder how much the media really costs, doesn't it?