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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Freak weather system

There was an article in today's Boston Globe titled "Freak system is blamed for rain". Great title, and that definitely drew me in to read the article. Apparently, the weather pattern that seems to be stalled over New England is a winter-like pattern. The jet stream normally shifts to the north in the summer months, allowing summer-like weather to flood the area, and that hasn't happened yet this year. Rain, rain, and more rain... The article also contained a quote by a meterologist saying "If it was winter, we'd be getting snow, a lot of it". The article then went on to state that if the 18 inches of rain Boston has had since early May had been snow, we would have had 180 inches of the white stuff. While I don't believe that they can accurately predict the number of inches of snow from the inches of rain (since humidity and other conditions make a difference too) - I would have hated to see all of that snow in the winter, let alone in spring and early summer!

And yes, today was definitely a rainy day. It started last night, and continued through most of the day. I did notice in the mid-afternoon that the sky was getting lighter. Still raining, but clouds edging away from that dark gray color. And there was a shining orb behind the clouds. What?! Is that the sun trying to join us once again?

I wish I could say that I was able to dodge the raindrops today, but it just wasn't possible. My walk today was wet; wearing a rainjacket with a hood kept me dry though. And the forecast is for a dry day tomorrow. I hope...

I've done so much walking in the rain this year that I decided it was time to buy a rain hat! A trip to REI was definitely in order. And now that I have a rain hat, maybe the rain will stop.

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