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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Through bands of water

The safe (or should I say conservative) approach to exercise today would have been walking. But that's not what I did...

I woke to another gray and wet day. I headed out in drizzle (in my car) this morning, camera in hand, to capture some of the beautiful flowers that are showing their petals. Home again, it was a good morning to relax, a cup of hot tea in hand, and to read the Sunday paper. The afternoon rolled around, and while it was still gray and the roads were still wet, there didn't appear to be any water coming from the sky. Ah, time to head out on my bike. Well that semblance of dry didn't last very long. It was clearly sprinkling, but I was happily rolling down the road. I thought for a second about heading back home and trading my cycling shoes for walking shoes, but my bike kept rolling. After all, they were just sprinkles...

And then, the sprinkles turned to rain. It didn't last too long, and my jacket did its job of keeping me dry. But that little bit of water falling from the sky added to the already damp roads contributed to a bike that insisted on getting cleaned and re-lubed as soon as I rolled home. Too bad there's no way of protecting the bike from all of the grit on the road! It's clean now though, until next time.

Raindrops on very small flowers...

...and on an unopened iris. Beautiful.

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