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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Riding in spite of a severe thunderstorm watch

The forecast for today wasn't one to make my bicycles happy - it included a prediction of thunderstorms starting mid-afternoon, so driving to work seemed to be the right choice. By the time I arrived home in the early evening, there was a severe thunderstorm watch. Hmmm, probably not a good idea to ride tonight either.

What about a walk? Somehow dealing with wet walking shoes is less annoying to me than dealing with a wet and very dirty bicycle, since wet roads kick up grime that just sticks to the bike. I convinced myself to walk, but when I headed outside and looked at the cloudy sky that still sported some blue spots, I decided that my bike was calling me. A quick change into riding gear, and I was rolling down the road.

It was a good ride, loops within loops relatively close to home just in case the sky turned threatening. And the weather wizard was kind to me - my early evening wander was on totally dry roads. The rain came later...

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