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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A mystery ride, an evening stroll

Ah, a mystery ride! I joined Robyn & Steve on a ride starting from their home in Concord and wandering through Carlisle, Westford, Chelmsford, and... well, I have to admit I really don't know what towns we passed through. It was a mystery ride for me, and sometimes for them too! Beautiful roads, warm, but with trees sheltering us from the sun.

Home again, relaxing, thinking about next weekend's (somewhat planned) quick escape to Downeast Maine. Time unfolded into early evening, and my feet decided to wander. A camera jumped into my hand as I walked out of the house...

Iris are beautiful flowers. I expect to see them in gardens, but this beauty was popping up in a wooded area - definitely not a garden. To my mind that makes the flower even more beautiful!

...not open yet, still a beautiful image

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