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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dancing between raindrops

It was a rainy day, and the rain passed over my house in bands. Rain, drizzle, heavy rain, sprinkles, rain, heavy rain. It stayed gray all day and the pavement never dried. It was a good day to escape into a good book, and to do some reading about one of my four possible destinations for a biking trip in September. My musings today take me to Nova Scotia - I wonder if that's where my bike & I will wander. Maybe, maybe not...

Mid-afternoon, when the deluge had changed to sprinkles, I headed out for a walk. It was a decent walk, cool temperatures, a brisk pace, feet moving for a little over an hour. Back home again, and within ten minutes of my returning home the rain was pouring down. Lucky!

Raindrops on flowers...

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