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Monday, May 12, 2014

sea gull story

Oh! I just realized I didn't tell you our sea gull story!

We made just a couple of stops when we zipped into Acadia in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday. The rain had stopped, the sky was still wearing gray clouds, and there were some foggy spots too. You know that Denise likes that kind of conditions, right? We stopped at Thunder Hole to listen, to watch the waves crashing.

When we returned to the parking lot we found a sea gull sitting on the roof of our car. At first Denise was worried the the silly bird had his feet stuck somehow. That wasn't the case; he just seemed to like sitting on the roof of the car. Denise walked pretty close to snap his photo and he still didn't move. She thought she might not be able to drive away; even when she opened the car door the sea gull stayed sitting. When she opened a second door he decided to stand up. A few minutes later he jumped to the ground - and then she was afraid that she would hit him when she backed out of the parking spot. The silly bird finally moved to the side so we could drive away.

--- Rover

sea gull sitting on car