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Saturday, May 10, 2014

a good day

Wow! It turned out to be a good day even though it wasn't the day we'd hoped for. Denise wrote earlier about our very wet and windy morning. Luckily the weather conditions changed as the day progressed.

Low tide was at 2:19 PM. For about an hour and a half on either side of low tide there is a sand bar that emerges between Bar Harbor and Bar Island. At a little before 1 PM Denise and Karl (one of the other people staying at the Holland Inn) decided to walk to Bar Island. Then they followed a path that ended at the high spot of the island before turning and retracing their steps.

Next we took a quick drive with a few stops. We started around Park Loop Road because Denise wanted to stop at Sand Beach. She likes the water behind the beach. It was different today; a place where she could walk across the sand was blocked by water today. She still stood a while and soaked in the beauty. That's where she grabbed the photo by phone shown below. Our next stop was Thunder Hole. Our friend Lorah was with us and she wanted to hear the thunder. The tide was coming in and the water was at a good level to support thundering. Oh! That's an interesting sound!

After an early dinner in Bar Harbor we headed back into Acadia again for a wander to the top of Cadillac Mountain. The late day light on top of the mountain is a sort of magic. There were still clouds hugging the land below us, creating interesting scenery. It seems like each time we head to the top it looks different. I really like that!

Tomorrow the weather wizard says it will be mostly sunny here. I told Denise we should stay longer than we usually do on our travel home day and I think she agrees with me. That means tomorrow will be a play first drive later day.

--- Rover

behind Sand Beach