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Friday, May 09, 2014

Schoodic morning

The weather forecast is a bit iffy for tomorrow so Denise decided we should head to the Schoodic Peninsula today. Schoodic is the next peninsula to the east, 4 miles away if you go across the water or 46 miles if you drive. We drove.

Schoodic is one of our favorite places. It's quieter than the parts of the park on Mount Desert Island. Denise thinks it is a magical place; I think she's right! Our first walking stop was at a spot that was covered with smooth round stones. I thought they were easy to bounce across but Denise told me she needed to step carefully because they moved as she stepped on them. Then we headed to the tip of the peninsula where there are wonderful rocks decorated with occasional pools of water. The sky was blue and we could see reflections in the water!

At the southern end of the peninsula, the two-way road to Schoodic Point leads to a windswept coast with dark diabase dikes that intrude between pink granite ledges.

Please use caution exploring the rocky shore.

The ocean views are spectacular, but the footing is dangerous — people have died here! Wet rocks are slippery and waves can sweep you into the sea.

...Acadia National Park brochure...

If you decide to visit Acadia make sure to leave time to jump across the water to Schoodic!

--- Rover

at the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park