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Saturday, May 24, 2014

a (new to me) garden

This morning I felt like a new wandering destination was in order. I headed to the Trustees of Reservations site to see what I could find. The local garden I visit often is one of their properties and I was sure they own at least one more garden in the area.

Long Hill jumped out at me. It's an estate with gardens surrounding a Federal-style house.

As the couple formulated plans for the elegant Federal-style home that would become their summer retreat, Mabel Sedgwick also set about designing gardens and landscape amenities that are renowned a century later.

...The gardens are laid out in a series of separate garden “rooms” surrounding the handsome, Federal-style, brick house. Each “room” is distinct in its own way, accented by ornaments and statuary.

from the Long Hill web site

The web page indicates that the gardens are most spectacular in May and June so it appears that my visit today was at a good time. I spend the entire time in the gardens, ignoring the tempting trails that headed off through the woods. I've added this place to my list of "must visit often" spots; it was a good find.

small flowers in pink, at certain angles showing the look of a butterfly

More photos are available in the gallery Long Hill estate and gardens.