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Saturday, May 03, 2014


I discovered Tower Hill Botanic Garden in August last year, visiting when the gardens were wearing summer flowers. I knew I needed to see spring bloom there; today was my first spring visit.

I walked up to the building to find open tulips in bright colors, orange, red, and purple. There were delights in the exhibits inside, and there were fields of daffodils outside. The daffs lived in the gardens and they were spread across the grass in the hills behind the gardens. What a wonderful visit!

a bed of tulips in red, orange, and purple... reflected in glass

I was told that these tulips weren't open earlier in the week. Sometimes timing is everything, isn't it?

I have to admit that I spent a bit of time sitting on the ground near this beautiful bed of tulips. I needed to get closer to individual flowers to capture them with my camera. Apparently I wasn't alone though; a Tower Hill employee stopped by to tell me he did the same thing earlier in the day!

daffodils in the grass

Seeing fields of daffodils was amazing. There was a single string "fence" separating the (grass) path from the flowers. After seeing this sign posted I decided I didn't need to walk through the daffodils:


Poison Ivy and Ticks share the fields with the Daffodils

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