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Saturday, May 24, 2014

back to Halibut Point

When I left home this morning I knew I was heading to Long Hill to play in the gardens. I also knew that was the half-way point between home and Halibut Point in Rockport so I had a second wander tucked in the back of my mind. It didn't take much to convince myself that I should continue to the east for a first visit to Halibut Point State Park this year.

For a day during which rain was predicted I managed some good outside time! I got caught in the wet stuff during both my early morning and evening walks but my wandering time was dry. There was even a sky wearing clouds, perfect. I'm so glad I finally discovered Halibut Point a few years back; it's a wonderful spot to walk, to sit and absorb the beauty.

quarry and ocean, a view in Halibut Point State Park

More photos from today's visit can be seen in the gallery Halibut Point - 2014.