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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A walk in the woods

This morning I asked if there was a trail that leads from Bar Harbor to Sieur de Mont Spring. Somehow walking instead of driving appealed to me. And hey - there is!

The Great Meadow Loop starts in Bar Harbor and links up with the Jessup Path in the park. What a nice walk! It was a bit of out-and-back, a bit of a loop. I started the Great Meadow loop, then switched to the (newly rebuilt) boardwalk of Jessup Path. I stopped to wander in the Wild Gardens of Acadia, then continued along the Tarn Trail, skirting the edge of a small lake. At the end of the lake I reversed direction, walking the Jessup Path again and following the other half of the Great Meadow Loop. If (when) I do the trail again I'll probably stick to one side of that loop - I preferred the section I walked first this morning.

Jessup Path was my favorite part of the walk. I'd walked it for the first time when I was here last October; it's just as beautiful with the trees wearing their spring green. There were stands of white birch trees, and other less dressy trees too.

As I walked I heard the birds talking. I saw a pileated woodpecker, many little birds, a frog sitting in the middle of the path, a deer bounding through the woods, and a snake slithering through the grass. It was a good live creature day.

Lady slippers in the Wild Gardens of Acadia were in wire enclosures. The holes in the wire were pretty big so it probably wasn't meant for little creatures. Based on a photo from last May's visit, I think they are trying to discourage rabbits.

cages to protect flowers, no rabbits allowed

It's funny, I started this morning by telling Evin that I don't like hikes that are only in the woods. I like to be able to see around me, to walk through the woods to a destination. This morning's walk was an "in the woods" walk, and I loved it!

It was a very good morning.