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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It was very gray this morning, gray but still dry. I planned one more morning of walking in the park before I turned towards home. My fingers were crossed hoping that the forecast calling for rain after noon was right.

It stayed dry right up until the moment that I started the car. I saw a single water droplet on the windshield, then another. It was sprinkling. I started around Park Loop Road thinking that I would walk along Acadia's Ocean Path, wandering onto the rocks at times, listening to and watching the ocean. I passed the Sand Beach parking lot thinking that I would start just a bit further down the road. But oops! just as I passed the lot a glimpse of the water behind Sand Beach in the rear view mirror caught my eye, and I knew I needed another Sand Beach visit. I parked my car in the next parking lot and walked back. It had stopped sprinkling, but something made me grab an umbrella.

Just as I started down the stairs leading to the beach it started to rain. It was light at first, turning into a downpour in no time at all. Heavy rain was accompanied by the crack of thunder and the flash of lightening. I had the beach to myself; I wonder why.

Was it worth the wet walk? I think so.

a view of Sand Beach from under my umbrella

behind Sand Beach, on a rainy morning

Finished with my walk I jumped into my car and continued around Park Loop Road thinking that if the rain eased up I might stop somewhere else for another quick wander. The heavy rain continued as I turned out of the park and headed towards home. As I reached the edge of Mt. Desert Island the rain lightened, and by the time I reached Bangor it had stopped.

It was time for a quick stop to feed my car. Did you know I love my Prius? My wanders around Acadia gave me the best miles per gallon yet. I filled the tank in Bangor on my way out and again today on my way home. That means it was all non-highway driving, although there were a few sections of 50 mile per hour speed limits. That tank of gas gave me 58.1 miles per gallon. I'd say that's pretty good. (Yes, the car keeps track; I don't need to keep a log.)

The sky stayed gray but dry for most of the drive. It changed when I reached Wells (Maine) where a fog descended - but not quite to the surface of the road. Interesting, foggy with no visibility issues... until I reached the Maine New Hampshire border and the bridge over the Piscataqua River. The structure of the bridge was shrouded in fog, invisible until I was almost on the bridge. That was one of the many times on the drive home that I wished it was legal and safe to stop on the highway for a bit of camera play. I would have loved a shot of the bridge today. I think that's a photographer's curse - seeing things to capture in a place where it is not possible to stand. A mind picture will do for now.

Acadia is a favorite wandering spot, a place where I can reset my outlook, a place to share with other visitors, a place to gather (more) memories and photos. This was a good trip; I'm happy.