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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Visiting, wandering...

It was a good day, a day shared with my sister Suze, a day of sharing some of my favorite wandering spots.

We started with a drive to the Wells Reserve. We walked across a field and down a road through the woods, a road that ended at a pristine beach. It was high tide, but there was still plenty of sand to support our walking. We headed north along the beach, turning inland at the estuary, continuing through both solid and soft, waterlogged sand. We stood and watched two pairs of sanderlings chasing each other along the ground and through the air.

Reversing direction, we walked back to the ocean then headed south along a widening beach. Back to the car, it felt like time for food. Our lunch spot was the Maine Diner, a good place for (local) food. Afterwards, it was time for more walking in the next state down the coast. We spent some time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and then we followed the coast further south. One last stop, for a low tide walk at Jenness State Beach.

Photos? Of course there will be photos! I'll post a gallery link when they are ready for viewing.