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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Denise and I are headed to Acadia National Park, soon...

Acadia is a park that we visit twice a year (even though I know Denise would like to visit more often). Sometimes we hop into the car at the last minute, sometimes Denise plans ahead. This year is a plan ahead year. She called Evin a few weeks back to reserve a room for our stay - for six nights. Wow! That gives us a lot of time to explore, to revisit favorite spots, and to find new ones too.

I'm counting the days (and I think Denise is too)! I even bounced around the house and pulled out the trail guide and map.

Oh! Denise just reminded me that some of you might not have met me before. Just in case... I'm Rover. I travel with Denise and I help her write about our wanders. Here's a photo of me standing on the many-colored rock of Acadia, taken during our trip there last October.

Rover at Acadia National Park
--- Rover