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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Looping Jordan Pond

I'd better finish our journal entries for today. I think Denise needs a bit of a rest... we did a lot today! While I bounce down the trail with Denise, sometimes I jump into the camera bag for a ride. It's nice to be able to rest in the middle of the day, isn't it?

Today's Schoodic wander was wonderful. Denise was delighted to have a bit of fog. It's funny, I think most people want clear skies, but Denise really likes having variety in the sky.

We got back from Schoodic at about 3:30. I thought maybe we were going to have a short day, but nope! Denise ran into the grocery store to get more bananas, and then she got a nice bowl of clam chowder from a little shop in town. We walked to the shore and sat on the grass to enjoy soup and sunshine. The temperature was in the 50s the entire time we were wandering the Schoodic Peninsula, but during our late (sort of) lunch break it was 80 degrees.

We headed back into the park for a late afternoon hike around Jordan Pond, following the trail in a counter-clockwise direction. We were on the still sunny eastern side of the pond to start, finishing in the woods on the western side. The trail on the west side is a bit funny. There's a long section on rocks right on the water's edge. Then there is a long section made up of split logs raised above the forest floor. The part you walk on is flat, but Denise said she felt like she was walking funny. The logs are side by side so she was walking with one foot on one log, one on the other. I think maybe her feet weren't the normal distance apart. I didn't have any problems with the logs, but I'm a really small dog.

After we finished our looping walk we headed to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see the light. Wow! There were a log of people wandering around up there. I'm glad we took the time for a quick visit to the peak. It looked very different than it did on Thursday; no fog or clouds this time.

--- Rover