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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Afternoon loop

After our morning walk we took a quick banana break. Denise walked to the market to pick up bananas while I looked at the map to plan our afternoon stops. Park Loop Road beckoned, as a walking and sitting and enjoying the park destination. After a quick snack we headed back into the park.

Oh! Denise didn't turn to start Park Loop Road. I was sure that's where we were going... When I asked what was up Denise said she saw an interesting swath of clouds when we turned a corner - so she decided we should head up Cadillac Mountain first. There were interesting clouds below us, hanging over the water. That was a good change of direction; it's so nice not to need to follow plans.

Park Loop Road was our next wander after we finished soaking up the views from Cadillac Mountain (for today, that is! I know we'll be heading back up there).

There was fog and mist decorating the park. We walked behind Sand Beach to see mist rising from the water in places. Even with the mist there was enough clarity in other spots to see reflections in the water. Denise was busy with her camera; I didn't even need to suggest any shots to her this afternoon.

Funny, as soon as we left the park the sky was painted blue again. Denise was happy with the fog; I was happy too.

--- Rover