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Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow fog

Ah, morning, time to look outside to see what gifts the weather wizard has provided for the day. First look... as I glimpsed outside the sky was getting lighter as the sun crept up and over the horizon. The morning greeted me with overwhelming white. It was snow fog!

No, I didn't make up that term. I smiled when I checked the National Weather Service web site this morning. It presented the forecast (for more snow) along with the current condition: snow fog.

Word play amuses me, and somehow this combination of words brought back a memory of my bicycling trip to Ireland.

I took a train out of Londonderry, and I needed two tickets - one for me, and one for my BIKE DOG. Let's see, did I pay for that ticket for my bike, or for Rover, the little red (stuffed) dog who joins me as I travel?

And today? The fog dispersed fairly early, but the snow kept falling. From snow fog to just plain snow...