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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Drop, pop!

Another seemingly wacky weather forecast looms...

Temperatures dropping, dropping, and then a forecast of popping back up to non-seasonal levels... Today and tomorrow? It is definitely winter.

Tonight the temperature is supposed to dip to 6 degrees, and the wind is going to blow. Tomorrow? It's supposed to be cold, with a forecasted high of 14 degrees. And then... it's time to jump. To jump to the low 40s for the weekend, and the low 50s on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I know, it's a forecast, somewhat more than a guess, but it still feels like a guess. The thought of warmth feels good, especially with the cold air whipping around tonight. I can dream, can't I? It's really tempting to take Monday & Tuesday off, but it's too early in the year to start burning vacation days.

Back to today... Walk? Or no walk? I was feeling a bit lazy when I got home this evening, but given the forecast, I figured I'd better head out because tomorrow might be too cold. I dressed in layers and layers and layers, and I stayed pretty warm. When I got home my poor feet started tingling, which means that I could have made a better footwear decision. Hiking shoes and double socks would have been a better choice than my usual running shoes and single socks. Tomorrow...

The temperature when I got home? It was 17 degrees, with the wind chill taking the feel down to 1 degree Fahrenheit - the equivalent of -17 Celcius. 17, - 17. Brrr... cold!