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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ocean fascination

There’s snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, but today was almost warm – in the high 30s – and dry. I headed to the New Hampshire coast, hoping to convince some sea gulls that they should pose for me. The tide was very high though, so the birds weren’t prancing on the beach. The ocean cooperated.

I walked along the edge of the water where there was barely enough sand for my footsteps, cutting across rocks and heading down the road when the beach disappeared.

Walking, watching the waves crashing against rocks, walking, returning to the sand...

The water approached and receded, coming close to me as I stood and watched the patterns it formed against the sand. My camera jumped to my face, and I watched the patterns through the lens, snapping photos, watching. The ocean must have decided that I was watching without moving for too long, and the next thing I knew the cold water was kissing my toes. I was happy that my wool socks did their job and kept my wet feet warm!

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