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Monday, December 10, 2007

Waiting, waiting!

When I travel, I usually carry a small handheld computer to allow me to write and post my journal entries. I've been using an HP Jornada that I bought back in 2002. My baby computer still works, but it only has dial-up access to the rest of the world. That limitation in conjunction with my worry that it is not a repairable device (as in when the battery gives up the ghost, or when it stops behaving normally) has led me to keep my eyes peeled for a more modern replacement.

I saw what I thought should become my next baby computer a while back, and I've been waiting for the version I wanted to be available in the states. What have I been waiting for? It's an ASUS EEE PC 8g, with 1GB of memory and an 8GB solid state disk. The 4GB version has been available for a few weeks, but I really wanted more memory and more disk - although I think the memory was really the more important of the two. There were fly-by-night vendors who were accepting orders, but I knew that I wanted to order from a reputable company. I contacted a couple of weeks ago, asking if they planned to carry it. The answer I got was to keep checking their web site. So - I checked, and I checked, and I checked; last week the device was listed with an auto-notify button. I requested notification when the it became available, and then I went back to waiting. And waiting. (Can you tell I'm not very patient? Oops!)

Tonight I was sitting at my computer when it notified me of a message - hey - the baby computer is in stock. Time to place an order... and now it's time to wait once more, this time for a delivery.

Oh, you want to know the size? You can tell from this photo showing a hand holding the device that it's pretty small... the specs say it weighs 2 pounds, and is 8.86" x 6.30" x 0.79-1.26". I have to admit I don't understand how it can be from .79 to 1.26 inches thick, guess I'll need to wait until it arrives and measure it myself!