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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

upside down

I think our day today was upside down because we were planning to walk from our B&B to the Wild Gardens of Acadia via Jesup Path this morning - but we didn't head down that trail until the end of the day. Denise says that's not an upside down day, but I think it is.

It was a good day though, no matter the order of our activities.

When we looked at the weather forecast last night it called for rain early, then clearing. The forecast was a bit flipped this morning - sprinkles in the morning, then rain starting later. Since Denise doesn't mind walking Jesup Path in the rain we moved it to later in the day.

Our first stop of the day was Schooner Point. The view at the end of that trail is amazing, and the ocean was quite active. Next we parked by The Tarn, walking through the woods to the Wild Gardens. When we finished there we headed back to Park Loop Road for a combination of driving and walking. Our longish walk was out and back, a nice distance doubled. There were occasional sprinkles, but nothing to convince me to jump into Denise's camera bag to stay dry.

We stopped at a beach of rounded rocks, one that doesn't seem to have a name. I know, it must have one but I can't find it! Denise finds the round rocks to be difficult to walk on but she likes to visit there because the waves and the rocks create their own kind of music.

... the waves rattle the stones, as if a child has dumped over a large bucket of marbles.

Bob Trebilcock, "In Defense of Maine's Cobblestones",
Yankee magazine, April 1988

By the time we arrived at Jordan Pond it was raining sideways. We kept on driving, heading up Cadillac Mountain to check the crazy conditions. It was cloudy, foggy, and very wet. We didn't stay too long!

When we arrived back at our home at the Holland Inn the air was clear. After a few minutes rest we headed out to walk to Sieurs de Mont. As always, it was a good walk and a good day.

--- Rover
along Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park