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Monday, May 29, 2017

to Schoodic

Our first wander of the trip was at the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula. We've decided that Schoodic Point is a place of pure magic.

The tip of the peninsula is made up of very walkable big granite rocks, with black, basalt dikes drawing patterns through the pink granite.

The most striking bedrock feature at Schoodic Point is the array of black, basalt dikes which cut through the pale pink granite. Basalt is a smooth, dark colored rock that forms from rapid cooling of molten rock. In places where the molten rock erupts on the earth's surface, as in Hawaii or Iceland, basalt is a volcanic rock (lava).

credit Maine Geological Survey

Tomorrow we'll be wandering on Mount Desert Island, in Acadia and in some spots outside of the park too. I really like it here!

--- Rover

on the Schoodic Peninsula