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Saturday, May 13, 2017

to Maudslay

This morning felt like a good time for a visit to Maudslay State Park. It had been several weeks since my last visit; I wanted to check the state of the flowers.

Maudslay, the former Moseley family estate on the Merrimack River, has azaleas and rhododendrons scattered through the property. These wonderful flowers usually bloom in May and June. Today I found dogwood in full bloom with the azaleas and rhododendrons just starting to show color. It's always a good day for a walk at Maudslay; I know I'll return to check the spring colors more than once.

Some trees show full leaves, others have leaves just emerging in light shades of spring green.

green grass and trees, at Maudslay State Park

As I was walking I looked up to enjoy pink rhododendron, and down to see pops of purple periwinkle in a sea of green.