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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

garden morning

We started out this morning with a focus on gardens.

Before the flowers, we bounced down a short trail to Hunter's Beach. I think it's a bit odd that the name says "beach" because that word makes me think of sand. This is a beach composed of round rocks. Denise say they are hard to walk on; that must be because she is bigger than me. I was able to bounce across quite comfortably. It's too bad it was low tide when we visited; at high tide the water makes the rocks roll against each other creating a kind of music.

The first flower stop was at Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor. We walked a winding trail up the hill, then wandered through the garden. It was too early in the season for most of the flowers at Thuya; the garden was very green, with just a few blooms. It was a good walk though.

Next we absorbed the color at Asticou Azalea Garden. It's been a while since we visited when the azaleas are in bloom. Some of the azalea were past peak, some were in prime conditions, and others were still in a bud stage. What a delightful place!

The last garden of the day was the Charlotte Rhoades Park & Butterfly Garden. Flowers in bloom included a few tulips and a couple of thriving patches of very purple dwarf iris. I'd love to see this garden as summer approaches; a garden designed to attract butterflies seems like it would be a good place to visit often.

--- Rover
at Asticou Azalea Garden