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Friday, January 06, 2017

winter thinking

The winter season lends itself to quiet introspection. It's a good time to look back, to look forward and plan, to just be.

I read another photographer's New Year's resolutions a few days ago; she really made me think. I don't have any big plans, just ordinary, everyday things. I want to continue to grow as a photographer, to always be a good friend, to explore the world around me. I want to notice the little things.

I think Lisa Bettany's words in her blog post are perfect:

"Look outside. Notice the little things. The sunlight dancing on the grass. Watch the clouds pass by. Listen to the wind. Feel the ground underneath you, supporting you. Try to connect to your surroundings. Be present in that moment."

written by Lisa Bettany

Although the title of the blog post is "New Year's resolutions every photographer should make in 2017" I can easily see her words applying to other things as well. Read Lisa's powerful blog post here, substituting your life activity for photography. What do you think?