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Saturday, January 14, 2017

a greenhouse visit

Cold temperatures this morning plus a desire for bright colors convinced me it was a good day for a greenhouse visit. I headed for the Lyman Estate to wander through the flowers, soaking in both warmth and color.

I need to remember to repeat my visit in a little over a month. One of the greenhouses is filled with camellias that usually are in full bloom from mid-February through mid-March.

Visit our celebrated collection of camellias in the 1804 camellia house at the Lyman Estate Greenhouses. Many of the trees are more than one hundred years old. At this time of year, they put forth a profusion of blossoms in all sizes and shapes.

from the Lyman Estate Greenhouses website
bougainvillea in bright pink

More color can be seen in the gallery greenhouses of Lyman Estate :: 2017.