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Monday, January 02, 2017

west, to butterflies

It's become a habit for me to visit the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory in early January. After checking the weather forecast to verify that the roads would be dry I decided today was a good day to stand amid butterflies.

I left home early, arriving just a bit after the 9 AM opening of the conservatory. I quickly removed my warm layers, pulled out my camera, and entered the tropical world of the butterflies. I walked through the space multiple times, stopping, standing and looking, absorbing the beauty. At one point a blue morpho butterfly decided it liked the bright blue shirt I was wearing, landing on my shoulder and staying for a while. I felt it land, and I could see it from the corner of my eye. I stood still until the butterfly decided to move on.

While I wish Magic Wings was a bit closer to home, it's quite reasonable as a day trip. I treasure my visits there.

a Cairns birdwing

More photos of butterflies and the flowers that share the warm space can be seen in the gallery butterflies :: 2017.