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Saturday, January 28, 2017

removing old, building new

When I finished walking at Odiorne Point State Park yesterday afternoon I continued up the coast to Portsmouth before turning for home. During the blooming season I often make a stop at Prescott Park to enjoy the flowers; yesterday I just continued my drive with no stopping point in mind.

As I drove by I could see the changes in the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge project and I knew I needed to stop. When I last visited at the end of December the old bridge (minus the lift section) was still in place. Yesterday I found that the last section of bridge spanning the Piscataqua River had been removed, leaving only some pieces on land. The road surface was gone but some of the green metal structure still remained. I'm glad I continued to the north and east before heading home because I suspect the next time I visit all remnants of the old bridge will be gone.

remnants of the old bridge

Construction of the new bridge continues. I was fascinated to see two standing sections waiting for a span of concrete to be placed; fastening new chunks of concrete structure between them must be an interesting exercise.

new bridge sections in place

looking through a to-be-placed section of the bridge