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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two flights and...

It seems there is as much wait time as flying time today. I arrived at Boston's Logan Airport an hour and a half ahead of flight time. Boston to Newark was a 50 minute flight, probably taking close to an hour and a half gate to gate. I have 3 1/2 hours between flights, then a 3+ hour flight to St. John's. That's more time than I like for a connection, but the only other option was a 45 minute connection. Flying out of a busy airport, into a second busy airport doesn't give me a good feeling about making the connection with only 45 minutes between flights. Today a longer (and safer) wait seems better. Ah, it's time to sit, to read, to walk the halls, to wait.

I knew that United and Continental Airlines are in the process of merging. Even so I was surprised to see most of the planes wearing Continental's logo and United's name. Signs in the airport convinced me this is the new look of the airline as opposed to a stepping stone along the way.

The minutes are ticking away... time for another walk before the enforced sitting of the next flight

Ah, on the ground again. I managed to find my home for the next two nights, At Wit's Inn in downtown St. John's. Cheryl nicely waited up for my very late arrival and I'm settled in, time for sleep...